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FleaMarketCloseouts.com is a worldwide distributor and exporter of department store returns and closeout merchandise, offering closeouts, liquidation merchandise, salvage, overstock, surplus, and a whole lot more at pennies on the wholesale dollar!

We have been in the closeouts business for many years, supplying to wholesalers, exporters, retailers, auctioneers, Ebay brokers, flea market vendors, and closeout distributors. We carry all types of merchandise from major department stores and manufacturers in the USA, from apparel closeouts (for men women and children) and liquidation domestics to surplus electronics and overstock toys. We sell by the pallet, by the lot, or by the truckload.

Remember: Prices are negotiable so if you are shopping around and you see better prices, before you decide anything give us a call and let us know what we have to do to make you a customer!

Pony Women's Casual Shoes
Children's outfit
Christmas decoration

A Sample of Our Below-Wholesale Goods

Dept Store Code #25 Bedding / Linens / Domestics / Rugs / Bath Accessories: Huge selection of high end domestics and linens that may contain a mixture of sheets, towels, comforters, linens, bathroom accessories, rugs, bed in a bag, pillows, and much more. Sold by the pallet and by the truckload. FOB Ohio and Florida. Order now and save. We beat any price!

wholesaleMicro Fiber Sheets
closeoutCotton Sheet Set
wholesalesilver white pillow sets

High-End Department Stores Code #3 Men's Footwear: Huge variety of styles, sizes, and brand names such as, Giorgio Brutini, Brooks, Bostonia, Cat, Bass, Madeline Stuart Collection, and much more. Please call for inventory availability. FOB Florida. We beat any price!

wholesalemens brooks sneakers
wholesaleGiorgio Brutini black ankle boots
closeoutbrass mens grey loafers

Home Depot Plumbing and Electrical: May contain an assortment of water heaters, pipes and fittings, pumps, plumbing tools, electric tools and accessories, portable heaters, humidifiers, and much more. Brand names such as, General Electric, SharkBite, Brass Craft, Flotec, Fluidmaster, and many others. FOB GA or IN. Please call for merchandise availability. We beat any price!

closeoutsharkbite elbow pipe fitting
closeoutphilips humidifiers
wholesalemacgillivray water heater

Truckload #17 Special Price: 1 pallet of Sears clothing (1,000 pcs), 1 pallet of men's clothing (300 pcs), 1 pallet of Carson general merchandise, 1 pallet of department store code #25 housewares, 3 pallet of all new cosmetics (1,000 pcs), 1 pallet of JC Penney domestics / linens, 8 pallets of Walmart toys, and 8 pallets of Walmart general merchandise. Call today, we beat any price!

wholesaleblue long sleeve button down
closeoutelf liquid blush

Bravo Sports Canopies: Returns or overstock mixture of canopies of different brands such as, Quick Shade, Shade Tech, EZ Up, Quik Shade Pets, John Deere with different styles, sizes, (8x10, 10x10, 24x36 & more) and colors. FOB Pennsylvania. Truckload Contains 24 Pallets. 40" HC Container Contains 40 Pallets. Call Now!

closeoutdark green large canopy
closeoutgreen outdoor canopy
wholesalequik shade canopy

Assorted Massimo Dutti Clothing: Overstock, returns, and shelf-pulls with the most exclusive styles for men and women. You may receive jeans, jackets, trousers, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, and more. Super deal - order now and save!

wholesalemassimo dutti mens jacket
wholesalemassimo dutti womens t shirt
closeoutmassimo dutti womens trousers

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To contact us and receive an updated pallets list as well as the code listing (to identify our suppliers), please use the form below. Your flea market business depends on your selling skills: that's up to you. But it also depends on your merchandise: we can help you there, with wholesale liquidation closeout, surplus, remaindered, salvage, and overstock goods of all kinds.