Below Wholesale General Merchandise

Check out our current pallet specials as well as our truckload specials. You can read about us, and if you have any questions, call us at 1-800-556-3179, email us, or use our contact form. carries all kinds of merchandise: small to large. No matter what kind of flea market you're working, we can offer you the merchandise you need at prices that will help you make the profits you deserve! Here you'll find merchandise not found elsewhere on our website, including health and beauty aids, cosmetics, perfumes and fragrances, groceries, drugstore and dollar store items, and on an on... Our inventory changes every day, don't forget to sign up for our email list! will beat any written proposal on all department store returns. Just call or fax us the written proposal and CloseoutsDistributors will beat the price! Please contact us today for details. Our prices won't be beat!

Remember: Prices are negotiable so if you are shopping around and you see better prices, before you decide anything give us a call and let us know what we have to do to make you a customer!

step stool
Severed Head Prop
Etched vase

General Merchandise Below Wholesale

Sears Hard Goods / Hardware / Hand Tools / Power Tools: Contains a mixture of customer returns, shelfpulls / overstock merchandise with a combination of hand tools, power tools, lawn and garden tools, appliances, electronics, microwaves, and more. FOB Atlanta or Ohio. Order now and get the best. We beat any price!

wholesalepower saw
wholesalesilver microwave
closeoutmakita stroke power cutter

Dollar General Load: Very nice mixture of shelf-pulls merchandise that may contains clothing, gifts, kitchen accessories, footwear, home decor, toys, office supplies, baby items, cell phone accessories, and more. FOB Many Shipping Points Available. 40 ft HC container.

closeoutgold white dinner set
closeoutblack kitchen aid mixer

Amazon Office / Kitchen / Appliances / Home Products: May contain huge selection of desks, computer chairs, bookcases, desk organizers, cordless handset phones, coffee makers, ovens, toasters, flatware, glassware, food storage, steamers, grill pans, pots, bake ware sets, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, lamps, and more. FOB Tennessee or Ohio. Call today for our low prices. We beat any price! Order now.

closeoutcoffee maker

Amazon General Merchandise: An assortment of lawn and garden items, automotive, sporting goods, electronics, kitchen accessories, home products, home improvement, office pallets, pet products, toys, and much more. FOB Florida.

closeoutred dog collar
closeoutbarbie doll
closeouthonda lawn mower

Home Depot General Merchandise: May contain a mixture of ladders, hand tools, generators, power tools, air nailers, air compressors, ater heaters, pipes and fittings, pumps, plumbing tools, electric tools and accessories, portable heaters, humidifiers, and more. A mixture of brand names such as, General Electric, Shark Bite, Brass Craft, Flotec, Fluida Master, and many others. FOB Georgia, Arizona, or Indiana. Call for super low price! We beat any price!

closeoutladder yellow
closeoutairnailer yellow

Meijer General Merchandise: Returns and overstock load that may contain electronics, hardware, tools, KD furniture, housewares, sporting goods, infant and baby items, HBA, toys, and more. FOB North Carolina & Indiana. Loads Contain Approx. 26 Pallets. Call Now and Receive An Amazing Offer!

wholesalemauviel pots and pans
closeoutdewalt power tools
closeoutdoll house toy General Merchandise: Huge selection of general merchandise that may contain electronics, health and beauty, home goods, toys, cookware, and more! Great for discount stores and re sellers. FOB Minnesota. Each load contains 22 to 24 huge pallets and an approximate value of over $100,000. Call for an extra-low price - Super load!

wholesalesilver silverware
wholesaletoddler bike rider
closeoutsilver pots and pans

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To contact us and receive an updated pallets list as well as the code listing (to identify our suppliers), please use the form below. Your flea market business depends on your selling skills: that's up to you. But it also depends on your merchandise: we can help you there, with wholesale liquidation closeout, surplus, remaindered, salvage, and overstock goods of all kinds.